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Annual Condition Inspections and 100 Hours Inspections are carried out by Light Sport Repairmen – Maintenance (LSRM) certificate holders, with the appropriate rating.  We hold ratings for Airplane (LSRM – A), Weightshift (LSRM – WS) and Powered Parachute (LSRM – PP).


The “Annual Condition Inspection” is a detailed inspection carried out each year.  The purpose of the inspection is to look for wear, corrosion, or damage that would cause the aircraft not to be in a condition for safe operation and to carry out the detailed service requirements specified by the aircraft manufacturer.


The “100 Hour Inspection” is the same as an annual condition inspection, except the interval of inspection is 100 hours of operation instead of 12 calendar months.  This inspection is required when the LSA is being used for commercial operations such as flight instruction or rental. (Not to be confused with manufacturer recommended 100 hr inspections on say – a Rotax engine).


The annual and 100 hour inspections are carried out to a check list and include maintenance as required by the aircraft manufacturer and detailed in the Maintenance Manual and check list for the aircraft.


When presenting your aircraft for inspection, ensure that you have the following:

· Registration/Airworthiness/Operating Limitations

· Aircraft manuals

· Ancillary equipment manuals

· The aircraft Identification Plates are installed

· Weight and Balance

· Equipment list